Brief Interlude with Heron

The biggest news in my life right now is that I’m taking tons of pictures, and I have finally, after a whole spring and summer of trying, managed to capture a good image of a Great Blue Heron (at least I assume that’s what he is?). That is all. Thank you and good night.

Snowy Day Musings

We had our first true snowfall today. Up to this point, it’s been sleet and frozen mixes and a few brief, puffy falls. Today? All day, first soft, then big and flaky and coating the ground, and now gentle again. It’s sticking and at least a quarter of an inch deep. Right in time, too. … More Snowy Day Musings

Quarterly Reading Recap

I said it before, but I’ve officially hit the stage where my TBR list terrifies me. So many books. So many fierce recommendations from friends. So many shiny new stories being released at an alarming rate, and all with amazing reviews and people squealing and demanding I read read READ and…. *collapses* Reading is exactly what I’ve … More Quarterly Reading Recap

Quarter-Life Crises

It has been a long month, my dudes. I kind of knew the beginning of March would be rough, at least mentally. I turned 25. I’ve been dreading this birthday for a while; thought I was ok with it, but then I look around at coworkers and distant acquaintances from high school and see them … More Quarter-Life Crises