The Tag of Firsts (A Writerly Tag)

My first up-close character death was probably a parent (for a girl with two loving, very-much-alive parents, I kill off so many parents), and they probably gurgled around phlegm and blood to gasp out one last “I love you” before they died. … More The Tag of Firsts (A Writerly Tag)


Coming 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve! Over the past month, I started to see wrap-up posts pop up all over the place. I briefly considered writing one myself, but then it hit me: 2017 was a really quiet year for me. And I am not complaining. Honestly, the biggest news is that Chava got engaged. Other than … More Coming 2018


It’s five-thirty in the morning and I’ve finally come up with a reason for why I would ever consider moving to the West Coast: because when something like this happens this early in the morning, I would know that practically anyone in my family would be awake and able to listen to me cry about … More Headspace