Farewell to November

I discovered (or decided) this year that November is one of my favorite months. While most of my family prefers September and October with their flares of color and warmth, I prefer the gray transition from autumn to winter. Jo, in one of her moments of brutal honesty the other day, said this difference of preference kind of defines our personalities. She started to explain before realizing how insensitive the comment was.

I only laughed and agreed with her. She is bright and colorful and likes cuddling and warm tones. I am somber and frosty and mellow and like cold-reddened cheeks and fog and cool tones.

But November is drawing to a close.

Oh, and so is NaNoWriMo.

I suppose that’s important, seeing as how my blog has been dedicated to it for the last month.

No, I didn’t hit 75,000. I still had a chance Saturday, but I didn’t wake up until 10:00 and then we went to get a tree and then Jo wanted to go Christmas shopping (and now the only presents I have left are the ones I’m making). I broke 2,000 words, but not the 10,000 I was hoping for.

And I was barely home at all yesterday.

But I’m okay with that. I am almost to 60,000, and with a little effort I can finish up at 65,000 by the end of the day. I hit my goal every other NaNoWriMo, so a kind-of failure was bound to happen. And at 65,000, I can safely say I wrote 50,000 new words and ignore the fact that the other 15,000 were mostly “editing” the three chapters I wrote a couple months ago.

It was definitely the strangest NaNoWriMo I’ve had to date. I know in part it’s because I’m at home and not working or doing school. It’s also because I’ve been more focused on my writing of late so writing every day (sort of) wasn’t much of a break from the habits I had been developing. I’ll come out of it with 17 or 18 chapters of a very rough draft, and that’s something.

But I can’t pretend I won’t be glad for it to end.

Things to look forward to:

  • Blog posts about things other than writing, like my plans for the new year
  • Being “allowed” to work on other projects when I need a break from Storm (and namely developing a false religion for my antagonist in a different story)
  • Snow. Because we had two inches before rain wiped it out on Thanksgiving Day

Things I’ll miss:

  • Respect from family members when I tell them I’m in a word war and can’t be disturbed
  • Mom’s friendly and encouraging requests for updates and gentle taunting when I don’t meet my goals

And because I like lists, things I learned:

  • I am a more dedicated writer than I used to be, and 2,000 words a day really isn’t a challenge any more
  • If I take myself seriously, my family will as well
  • I write better in the afternoon and without music, while I used to think music helped
  • Despite all of my ignorant misgiving about the notion, I work better as a planner than a pantser
  • I am finally starting to acclimate myself to caffeine

So yes, it was fun, and I will certainly try to revisit NaNoWriMo next year. At present, however, I’ll take my time with Storm, because it’s exceedingly confusing to edit one book while writing the first draft of the sequel.


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