The Saga Continues

Dear Diary,

Today my mother brought home a wedding dress.

Technically, she unwrapped it from an Amazon box, but that’s beside the point.

I’m not making this up.

Her excuse is because she’s a photographer. But before she had even completely unpacked the dress, she was looking around and sizing up her three daughters, a gleam in her eye.

“Who wants to try this on?”

She then proceeded to tell us with no attempts to hide her pleasure that the person from whom she purchased this dress had called off her wedding, thus allowing Mom to purchase the gown for a steal.

This is me banging my head against the table.

Luckily, Nina’s build is most suitable to most of Mom’s “props”. I’m not really in the mood for trying on wedding dresses. When Mom tried to convince me otherwise and I refused, Jo tried the “do it for Mom” tact.

Sorry, Mom; not today.


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