Phoebe Bakes

One of my goals for 2016 is to be more active in my church and particularly in the various ministries it offers. I already teach a class, where I am finally working through the kinks, but I want to do more.

Last week we had several funerals for family of church members. Like always, Pastor announced that food was needed. Jo turned to me and said, “We should make something.” We didn’t get a chance to make anything then, due to schedules and lack of funds, but I filed it away for consideration.

Then an opportunity to wield my kitchen skills cropped up yesterday when we had a going-away party for a young couple in my Bible study group. Our youth pastor’s wife, Andrea, was spearheading the food and I offered my services, with the note that I could make the food but could not afford to buy anything. She responded that the arrangement was perfect because she would happily pick up stuff but did not want to make it.

So while another girl made spaghetti, I made sugar cookies, frosting, and a trifle (with help at the end because we were running out of time).

Food (both the preparing and the consuming of it) has long been a stress-reliever for me. I like experimenting with new flavors and textures, sharing recipes with friends, and making dinner for the family, though I don’t do the last one very often. I’ve even undertaken the immense task of eliminating items from my list of foods I don’t like. So far I’ve conquered tomatoes, cucumbers, and meatloaf, and I’m working on mushrooms and ketchup.

Mom is undertaking a lifestyle change based around the Trim Healthy Mama meal planning system. She just got their cookbook and I pulled it out today to make meatloaf. I can fully support this approach to food because it recognizes that all food (the natural stuff, that is) was created for us to enjoy, so long as we find a balance. (This unfortunately does not include bananas or honey, which I’m still sore about.) Considering I lost control of my eating habits when I quit my job, I’m eager for anything that can help me get on track while still allowing me to enjoy real, homemade food. (No, the sugar cookies and trifle were not on this plan.)

I said earlier this month that I wanted to share recipes here because cooking and baking is one of my hobbies. However, I’m faced with a quandary: how to share recipes I get out of cookbooks. I guess for now I’ll just reference the particular book I use and only list or link to recipes I find online or make up (because I do that, though I don’t usually write it down).

That decided, I strongly recommend looking into Trim Healthy Mama (or THM) recipes, because they are something of a revelation; though talking about S and FP and E meals still makes my head spin. I’ll be trying out  more of these recipes soon, and as soon as I find a way to make our kitchen more photogenic I’ll share. And as the sugar cookie and icing recipes were on Pinterest, I’ll track those down and link them here in a little while.




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