Look for Me Among the Tomatoes

This past Saturday we put in the bulk of our vegetable garden. Now we just have to keep out the chickens long enough for us to get the fence up.

I realize that the practical order of events would have put the placement of the fence before the seed planting, but when does my family ever do anything the easy way? The problem was that, fence or no fence, the seeds needed to go in ASAP. We had to make do.

Note the rogue rooster on the left, who was proudly surveying our work as if he was to thank for it. Unfortunately, he was too smart to get in Dad’s way.

In order for the seeds to go in, we had to finish tilling the garden, a task which was started several weeks ago and never completed. Dad took the bulk of this duty, but I was given control of the rototiller for several passes. I’ve never used a rototiller before, and I’m still a little concerned about having been given so much power.



Our chickens flocked worse than seagulls when they saw what we were up to. They put a whole new meaning to “playing chicken”. Several of them were so fixated on the worms we churned up that they nearly got themselves killed numerous times. This is one of the few times times where chickens are more of a hindrance than a help in the garden.

For four or five hours on Saturday I helped till, then put in seeds and bulbs. We now

My bean seeds, which put me in the mood to watch Jack the Giant Slayer. 

have two types of peas, 4 of lettuces, 2 of onions, beans, carrots, radishes, turnips, and beets. In a week or two I’ll transplant my tomatoes (4 types), peppers (3), and eggplant seedlings and plant my cucumbers, zucchini, and squash. As soon as everything sprouts I’ll likely spend all of my free time among the vegetables, weeding and pruning and whispering encouragement and poking for ripe veggies and fruit; which is just the way I like it.



2 thoughts on “Look for Me Among the Tomatoes

    1. Thank you! We should be getting the fence up in the next couple of days, but until then our chickens have been confined to a different area of the yard rather than allowed to range.


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