Introducing Oscar

Life just keeps getting more and more interesting, because, ladies and gentlemen, there is another man on the scene (according to Jo). He’s rather persistent about becoming a fixture in my life, so I figured he deserved a nod and an intro in case I want to tell funny stories later.

The catch (if I was interested)? He’s not single.

Nope. Even better? He works with me.

I told you it was interesting.

Funny thing is, it took this guy more than a month of consistently coming into the office to turn in paperwork before he finally made the connection between the face behind the front desk and the one he passes in church. When he finally did figure it out (with some help), I couldn’t help but laugh. All along I had thought he was just being professional and trying to keep his work and personal lives separate, but no.

Once he figured it out, he started to get very friendly, both at work and at church events. I’m more amused than anything else by this development, because it means I am actually able to hold an intelligent conversation with a guy where we both know what we’re talking about. His girlfriend, on the other hand, spends every conversation with a false smile plastered on her face, barking out false laughs where they seem appropriate. Fine, that is my favorite part.

So since I do see him on a regular basis and there’s a good chance the odd interaction may be blog-worthy, I’ve worked up an alias for him: Oscar. (Jo and perhaps Calli will get this, but I think it’s vague enough for everyone else to miss.)

One such blog-worthy exchange occurred last week. I was sitting at my desk during a lull the day before payday, working on my budget. Oscar walked in to get some paperwork and, seemingly at random, asked me if I knew of any good budgeting apps.

“Funny you should ask,” I laughed. We proceeded to spend almost 10 minutes comparing this app to others we’d tried and I offered him some tips I had picked up since I started using my app of choice. (That app is GoodBudget, for those who are interested.) And I thought that was that.

Then on Friday, he called about 15 minutes before the office closed with a question about his schedule. After I’d answered it, he said, “Now I have a non-work related question.” He wanted my opinion on a good number to put as his estimated monthly income. Then I became the tech support professional and walked him through updating that number in his new app.

He was asking me, the chronic procrastinator and least organized member of my family, for budgeting advice. And I gave it, as if I knew what I was talking about. What Oscar didn’t know what I was mostly parroting my mother, who is a well of budgeting wisdom.

By the time he hung up, it was time for me to leave work.

I’ve kept Jo in the loop with these interactions. Invariably she responds with something along the lines of “So this is love…”, complete with music notes. Like every other guy she’s tried to suggest I have feelings for, I settled Oscar’s status firmly in the Friendzone. Sure, he’s a nice guy, and he has a great heart for God, but he is not, I repeat, not my type. At all. But what do you do when you and your sister, both over the age of twenty and both attending a Baptist church with an average attendance about 300, are still single?

Apparently, make up aliases for all of the guys you aren’t interested in and laugh about them on an anonymous blog.

Meanwhile, Mom is trying to set up Jo with a banker. She thinks it helps because he’s also musically-inclined. In truth, that only balances out the fact that his sense of humor is weak and he punctuates every punchline with a pronounced wink. Again: nice guy, but no.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Oscar

  1. Oscar…. I feel like I should get it, but the only thing I can think of is Oscar Martinez from the Office. (I’m stalking you today because I just got all my email updates about your blog updates in one fell swoop.)


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