No Spend Month – Opening Notes

It’s the last day of June and I am not looking forward to this challenge I’ve set up for myself.

Perhaps it’s just that June has been a rough month for me personally and the thought of having some serious spending restrictions for July is messing with my head. I didn’t realize how heavily I’ve started to rely on buying things for a form a stress relief; which probably means it’s a good thing I’m doing this now rather than later.

So here’s the outlook for July:

I had previously withdrawn all of my allotted $150.00 for July’s spending, but that’s left me with about $15.00 dollars with which to pay sisters for dog sitting this week, buy some things for Mom to apply toward July’s rent, pay a small credit card bill, and get gas, so I ended up only keeping back $50.00 until my next payday on the 7th.

Within hours of Mom and Dad returning from their missions trip, I handed Mom the hair scissors and got my hair chopped (again). It is now a “pixie bob”*, which is about as short as I’m willing to go at this point, and I’ve already received tons of compliments on it. The real upside to this new style is that I now need fewer hair products and less time and energy to maintain it. The downside is that I now want a curling iron and headbands so I can experiment with different styles.

To add to my distress, I decided to start a “Couch to 5k challenge” (#30, and nothing like getting a bunch done in one fell swoop) in July, which of course means I am back to wishing I had a FitBit to track my progress. I really wrestled with the idea of putting off the No Spend Month for a couple of weeks to accommodate this desire. It took a great strength of will to force myself to stay on track.

July is going to be a struggle.

That said, it’s also very necessary. I told Mom I had all of $3.00 to spend on food this week and she immediately inquired after the state of my savings account. I didn’t give her an exact figure, but it’s pretty dismal.

On the plus side, I have almost $30.00 in spare change for this year’s penny offering. The Yellow Team is going to rock this year.

I’ll check back in weekly with updates on my spending, but other than that this blog should proceed like normal.


*Item #95. While “researching” hairstyles, I came across an article stating “if you are shy and prefer to avoid the spot light, the pixie cut may not be for you.” As I’ve made a habit of hiding behind my hair, I figured this was one more way for me to expand my limits. I woke up the next morning in something of a panic because I had no idea what to do with my mop.


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