No Spend Month – Week One

Note: This is one of those boring, technical-type update posts. If you aren’t the least bit interested in following my No Spend Month Challenge, feel free to skip this one. It’s mostly for the sake of keeping track and keeping me somewhat accountable.

Week One: Friday, July 1st-Thursday, July 7th (payday!)

Starting Amount to Spend: $150.00

Total Spent this Week: $47.46

Remaining Amount to Spend: $102.54


Week in Review:

I had filled up on gas on the 30th, only to have Jo snag my car for her babysitting job because her car is on the fritz.

It hit me at about 10:00 that night that I had been meaning to buy a new toothbrush and razors and failed to do so. On Friday morning I discovered that I was almost out of face wash, cotton pads for my makeup remover, and my hair curling gel. Now to decide what I can and cannot do without replacing. (My acne gets worse if I have bangs and/or a haircut which is too short for me to pull out of my face.)

I got to work Friday the 1st and realized I’d finished my store of avocado the day before, leaving me with an egg and some cottage cheese for lunch and thus super tempted to run over to Taco Bell.

On Saturday I spent most of the day at our fundraising tent. I managed to avoid buying anything from Culver’s while working the tent. Not to say I didn’t eat Culver’s; Dad treated me to a visit one day. I did have to buy something to drink on Saturday because my 32 oz water bottle isn’t enough now to last 7 hours. So I bought a tea when I picked up Mom’s coffee and later grabbed a Vitamin Water. I also snagged a knock-off Lunchable from the Dollar Store for lunch.

I withdrew Mom and Dad’s anniversary gift this week. It tells you how low Gifts ranks among my Love Languages when I don’t even flinch while handing Mom a $10.00 bill and saying, “Happy anniversary!” Between us kids we paid for them to eat out and grab some snacks. They already had movie tickets.

After church Sunday night I went grocery shopping. Among the rice, cereal, and beans, I also grabbed some veggies and a bottle of sauce for stirfry. One thing we have in abundance at home is frozen chicken, which takes care of a lot of my meals.

Then I grabbed a 5-pack of razors for under $1.00 (literally the cheapest Wal-Mart had), figuring cheap razors were better than continuing to use the one I’d been using for over a month.

How wrong I was.

The first thing I’m buying come August is a proper razor. I’m actually looking at getting one made for men; I hear they’re way better.

Thus, within the first 3 days, I had spent nearly a third of my budget. Oi.

Final thoughts for the week: I need to meal-plan better, taking into account the fact that anytime I make something, it is going to be ogled at by my family. Observe:

I made stir fry.

Nina asked what it was and then if she could have some.

I realized Dad hadn’t eaten so I offered the rest to him.

Mom came home with pizza and I declared that I now I leftovers, having the next day’s supper in mind.

Mom claimed the leftovers for lunch.

I decided, since I’d already eaten, to grab some pizza to replace the stir fry.

Before I could do this, the family consumed the pizza without a slice left behind.

Worst Cravings/Weaknesses: Hummus. And feta. What’s new? Oh, and cottage cheese. I’m super picky about the brands I’ll buy when it comes to cottage cheese.


Plans for next week:

  1. Stay away from thrift stores.
  2. Fill up my gas tank and refuse to let anyone borrow my car outside of emergencies.
  3. Exercise more so I have less time to eat the sparse snack foods I buy.
  4. Meal plan. Pretty much every meal is going to involve eggs, which we have coming out of our ears. I also need to start utilizing the veggies coming up in the garden and the asparagus from the neighbors.
  5. Spend as little money as possible. Somehow.


Note: I will be going straight from work to VBS 4 days next week, which means more money to the resident dog sitters and less into savings. Oh, well.


Couch to 5k Challenge Update:

I whipped out my armband and a fancy-looking training app after work last Friday and hit the road with the pup. (Side note: I get more exercise than lone joggers because half of my energy is spent reeling in my dog, who likes to walk smack in the middle of the road. This leads to me walking/jogging at an angle, which gets painful after a while.) I hadn’t turned on app notifications and missed the first alert to “start running”, so I didn’t actually follow the plan. I also chose a course which was too short to last as long as the workout required, which was probably a good thing; with 10 minutes left, I had all I could do to drag myself and my dog stumbling back onto our drive.

I thought I would feel the effects of this workout the next day, but no; my legs didn’t start locking up until Sunday, for whatever reason, and they continued to randomly spaz and throb for the next two days. If it helps, my dog is as weak as I am.

I haven’t trained since. I blame the holiday in part; and then there’s the fact that I was up late two nights in a row because Nina’s friend was over and then I went to help Calli and Fay paint their new house (more on that later).

On the plus side, Mom gave me her FitBit to use until I can safely afford to buy my own, which means I can track my progress from the beginning. (This one isn’t the Heart Rate style, so I won’t be able to track that, but tough.) As I was getting everything set up, I found a different training app than I had previously used, with a slightly longer but also slightly less intense schedule.

In addition to this challenge, I intend to begin working on my flexibility soon (#31). I found some handy tips online and I’m hoping this training will benefit the 5k training; I know most of the reason I’m always so sore after running is because my muscles are pathetically taut. I’m super jealous of the freaks who can keep their legs straight and stand on their hands.

Last note: I’m pretty much ignoring the step counter on the FitBit. I gained 100 steps in my sleep, over 50 every time I washed my hands, and several hundred opening and sorting mail at my desk. The only features I really care about are the sleep and fitness trackers.


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