No Spend Month – Week 2

Week Two: Friday, July 8th – Thursday, July 14th (VBS Monday-Thursday)

Starting Amount to Spend: $102.54

Total Spent this Week: $64.13

Remaining Amount to Spend: $38.41

Days Remaining: 17


Captain’s Log:

Week 2, Day 1 – Friday, July 8th – 15 cents

Despite the fact that most of my coworkers were on vacation or sick, I had a good feeling about Friday. We finally got some rain the night before, I’d slept fairly well (even with the dream where I ran around screaming at everyone for reasons I still can’t ascertain*), I’d eaten breakfast, and I’d left home at a decent time.

It’s a good thing, however, that we get chocolate for payday and that it usually lasts into the next week. By 11:00, I needed it.

First one of my coworkers came in and gave an advertisement spiel about the sales at Clarie’s. Seriously, she deserves to be paid for that, because the only thing I wanted to do was take an extended lunch break and go to Claire’s. Do I need more earrings? No. Do I want more earrings? Kind of, but I really want to see if headbands are included in this sale.

Then I received a package from a scam company and the screaming banshee from my dreams came back and asked for a go. Scammers are the bane of my office-dwelling existence, but I still haven’t learned enough to avoid them. I’m working on it. There are worse things to get worked up over.

Again, thank you, boss, for chocolate.

I only ended up spending 15 cents for a folder for VBS, so I was feeling pretty good about myself until the weekend hit.


Days 2 and 3 – Saturday and Sunday – $52.28

By the end of the day on Sunday, I’d spent over $50.00. So much for “spend as little as possible this week”, huh?

In my defense, I filled up my gas tank, which had to happen some time this week and which should last me almost to the end of the month. I also bought some dog food, as I have a bad habit of forgetting about it until it’s gone and I’m low on funds. Had it not been for those two inevitable expenses, I would have been doing superbly well. The only other things I purchased were some face wash and Propel packets because I drink too much water and not enough electrolytes.


Days 5 and 6 – Tuesday and Wednesday – $4.24

I was not feeling the egg and rice I’d packed for lunch. Then I poked my head into the scheduling office and my eyes landed on a coworker’s nachos. Yeah, I wanted that way more than rice and eggs.

So what did I do after work and before VBS? That’s right: I darted over to Taco Bell for a burrito. (Note: Their online menu is a dangerous place to browse.) On the plus side, they have some decent Dollar Menu items (or perhaps this is a bad thing…).

Ok, I bought 2 burritos and returned the next morning for one more and a couple of those ridiculously good Cinnabon Delights.


Day 7 – Thursday – $7.46

With my avocados gone bad and no cooked rice or flatbread on hand, all I had for lunch was an egg and some green beans. My stomach threatened to revolt at this offering, so I ducked out of the office to grab some groceries. (I’ve only left the office twice to get lunch, because I used to be so good at packing food.)

This, kids, is why you do not, under any circumstances, shop while hungry.

I did get a large container of cottage cheese on sale and the cheese sauce will last me a while, but still…. Not how I planned to close out the week. I now have about $20.00 to safely spend on groceries for the next 2.5 weeks. Yippee.



  • I seriously do have to get to meal planning. I bought several avocados and bananas which ended up going to waste, and the peppers and onions will soon follow if I don’t eat the in the next couple of days.
  • My worst craving became tea, as my stocks are running low. This led to the discovery of several half-empty boxes of tea in the cabinet at home, however, so this turned out to be a good thing.
  • Without gas and dog food being necessary purchases this next week, there isn’t much I really need to buy outside of a few food items. I’m down to roughly $2.20 a day until the end of the month. This time for real, my goal is to spend as little as possible as I take on the dreaded Week 3.
  • I’ve still failed to make any progress on either the Couch to 5k or flexibility challenges. In addition, I’ve consumed more than my share of office chocolate this week.
  • I have this challenge marked as needing to be completed twice on my Day Zero list. After this month, I intend to wait a while before attempting it again.


*It started when we were late for church and someone wouldn’t let me wear the pair of shoes I’d chosen. I proceeded to turn into a monster and terrorize innocent bystanders until I got my way.

And now a brief update of The Keith Saga.

This may be the last time, ladies and gents, because Keith is Facebook official with someone.

He hasn’t been to church in over a month, and we haven’t had Bible study either because of summer schedules. The other day, Eli sent Jo a screenshot of Keith’s Facebook page, showing a change in relationship status. Mom’s immediate question when she heard was, “Who is she?”

Beats us. She’s no one we know, but Keith also attends a church about a half-hour away from us. He originally came from there because their congregation is smaller and their college and career age group practically non-existent. (At least, if I understand everything correctly.)

My subconscious is handling the news very well. It turned around and flung another single guy from church at me the other night. (No, he hasn’t been named here and he probably won’t be.) That’s one less person to tease about here and with Jo and Calli, and we’re all probably better off for it.


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