No Spend Month – Week 3

Week Three: Friday, July 15th – Thursday, July 21st (Payday)

Starting Amount to Spend: $38.41

Total Spent this Week: $1.50

Remaining Amount to Spend: $36.91

Days Remaining: 10

Day 1 – Friday, July 15th – $1.50

I bought cream cheese. Jo and I agree that when we move out, we will live almost solely on dairy products. What will we have to eat? Cheese. Blocks of cheese. Tubs of feta cheese. Cream cheese. Cottage cheese. Ricotta cheese. Parmesan cheese. Cheesecake. Cheez-its. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Macaroni and cheese. Sour cream, ice cream, chocolate milk, yogurt, gelato. And hummus.


Days 2-7 – Saturday, July 16th to Thursday, July 21st – $0.00

This is where my Baptist upbringing and boss who likes to share come in handy. Saturday was a quiet day where I managed to avoid buying anything at the Farmers Market. I didn’t eat as much as I should have, mostly because I lose my appetite when I’m hot and it’s humid out.

On Sunday I got breakfast at church because what’s Sunday school for Baptist adults without coffee and pastries? Then, had Jo and I not made ourselves at home in the MacIntyre kitchen, we would have found plenty to eat at the church picnic and probably scrounged at home for supper. (It’s not that we have no food at home; it’s just that most of it is frozen chicken and canned goods and that means taking time after church Sunday night to prepare a meal.)

With Monday came the return of Bible study (at least until Youth Conference), which meant no need to plan and prepare something for supper.

Tuesday was “Bagel Day”. My boss, who understands positive reinforcement, got bagels and muffins for the office. I helped myself to these for that day’s breakfast and lunch and Wednesday’s lunch, since no one else was finishing them off.



  • I got to Tuesday without blowing my budget and suddenly it was a challenge to see how long I could hold out. My car is low on coolant but I’ve yet to check the family stores (we always seem to have some). I also managed to avoid buying gas, though I will need to soon.
  • This entire paycheck is going into savings! Rent, tithe, and dog-sitting payments are all covered by my last paycheck and whatever I started with this month. This is me doing a happy dance!
  • I’m shocked at how much money is already in my bank account. If I’ve learned nothing else this month, I have finally proven to myself how it only takes a little effort to save money. Because I keep having to pass up station wagons on Craigslist for lack of funds (including a royal blue Forester and a Benz with reverse seats), I am playing with the idea of limiting my spending to $200.00 in August, though I would exclude gifts from this. This would give me enough wiggle room so as not to be stressful but also means, thanks to a house-sitting gig, that I could possibly have my station wagon before the year is out.

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