Waiting for Autumn with Sweater In Hand

My baby sister is an avid sweatshirt and sweater wearer. And flannel. That and jeans are about all she wears most days. So whenever we girls go shopping, she gravitates toward those things, because, even when sweaters aren’t in season, sweatshirts and flannel always are.

The other day the three of us went out for a day of shopping. By the end of it we were exhausted and regularly collapsing into fits of giggles and snorts, much to the chagrin of fellow shoppers.

Jo: Why are the carts there? (they were all parked outside along the front wall of the store instead of in the cart area)

Me: They’re on strike. They’re tired of being pushed around.

At the beginning, however, we had energy to spare, and no notion of the limits of our respective budgets. (I’m living large before my budget is heavily enforced until February.) After a visit to Taco Bell, where a new worker couldn’t spell any of our names, we darted across the plaza to a decent thrift store.

Browsing the racks for one more item for my capsule wardrobe (more on that later), I pulled out a baggy blue sweater.

“Nina!” I hissed, and then, when she didn’t answer, I squawked, “Nina!”

“What?” She had already made her way back to the shoe section, ever in search of a good pair of combat boots.

I held up the sweater.

She wrinkled her nose. “That’s a men’s sweater.”

As if that’s ever stopped her before. She prefers men’s tops for casual wear. “It’s not,” I said, shaking my head. “It was on the women’s rack. See?”

In a second I had surrendered the sweater to her eager hands, and not long after she was modeling it for me and Jo. Of course she bought it.

I thought I was ok with this when I first showed the sweater to Nina. Not so. I’ve been none-too-quietly bemoaning my bad life choice and propensity for sharing, because I want to steal her sweater.

Blame it on Tumblr if you must. There’s practically a cult on that site dedicated the worship of all things autumn. (Jo and Nina assure me there will be dancing skeletons at some point.) Most of these things don’t appeal to me: pumpkins, coffee, thick scarves, hats, Halloween, and the like. Sure, I like some of those things, but most of them aren’t my personal style. I’m not even a huge fan of fall colors; I prefer the brisk gray period between autumn and winter. I do enjoy the pears we get from our one tree in the front yard, because crisp pears at the closest I can get to apples without an allergic reaction.

This year, however, I’m actually looking forward to autumn (I already have Christmas shopping planned, even); in particular, I am excited to finally be able to wear sweaters. I love thick, long-sleeved knits (and knit blankets, which are hard to find at reasonable prices), though I am particular and only own one gray sweater at present. I’m also looking for some sort of thinner pull-over so I can attempt to layer it with my many button-down shirts. I didn’t used to think much of sweaters, but Tumblr has changed that.

And at some point this winter I’m simply going to have to borrow Nina’s new sweater until I can find one adequate enough to replace it.



One thought on “Waiting for Autumn with Sweater In Hand

  1. I laughed at the carts on strike 🙂 I’m not much for shopping in general. I find something that fits and buy it in every color available, at which point I’m good for another year.


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