And then There Were Ten

The kittens have arrived.

Technically the first litter arrived last week, but I was waiting to see if the second would follow soon so I could provide an accurate count.

Which reminds me: I didn’t mention both of our cats were pregnant, did I?


Tip had her litter first, under Jo’s bed the Friday night before last. Jo noticed her dog freaking out when they went to bed but couldn’t figure out why until she heard a little cat noise that didn’t belong to our current pets. Sure enough, Tip was hiding under the bed with four noisy kittens, looking as proud as could be.

As Tip herself isn’t even a year old, Callie has labeled her a “teenage mom”. Tip is very proud of her creations, but she doesn’t guard them zealously, nor is she perturbed when we want to cuddle them. She comes when they call, but otherwise she’s trying to maintain some semblance of her independence.

Additionally, her offspring are all easy-going. One tends to squeal the moment he realizes he’s not safe in the box with his siblings, but the others don’t mind. They all sleep in a dog-pile so you have to wonder if everyone can breathe, and one is always yawning and stretching.

“Mustache”, a dark gray with white markings.

Upon discovering these new arrivals, Judy stalked around Jo’s bed and hissed irritably at Tip, but Tip ignored her. For the next few days, all of our attention when to Tip’s litter (referred to as Mustache, the White One, the Calico, and the Gray One) and Judy moped. It took us a while to realize when she altogether disappeared, just in time to notice the kitten noises coming from the wrong side of Jo’s bedroom.

Whereas Tip chose under the bed to give birth, we were certain Judy would settle under the claw-foot tub in the upstairs bathroom, because it’s her favorite hiding spot (as evidenced by the many rolls of toilet paper she’s dragged underneath). Not so. She decided Jo’s pile of stuffed animals collected under her space chair was a more preferable nest.

Tip was as intrigued by this development as we were, but she gave our grouchy cat enough space. Eventually we rescued the stuffed animals and supplied a towel instead – good thing our family has an abundance of towels – and Judy soon had four kittens as well.

That was Wednesday. Up to this point we haven’t lost any runts, which I’m a little surprised about. As soon as each litter arrived, Mom was on Facebook with pictures, looking for suckers to take the cute fluff balls. Our major selling point at present is how Tip is such a great mouser. Judy doesn’t have even that to recommend her, and her kittens are all the same dark-ish color right now, so of course they aren’t as interesting as Tip’s.

It’s just as well, though, because Judy’s something of a helicopter mom. Usually she hides her kittens under her fluffy tail whenever one of us looks in on her, and if she has left them at all it’s only briefly and not when any of us has seen.



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