Painting and Organizing

My bad habit of getting super enthusiastic about projects and then abandoning them is in fine working order right now. I present Exhibit A: my room makeover project.


I honestly did get most of the work completed within the allotted time. There’s still a little bit of trimming to be done along one side of the ceiling and I didn’t really clean the whole place like I ought to have. Still, it’s mostly done, and right now that’s good enough for me.

My closet has been cleared as best I can ( there are lots of wall hanging still stored in there until I decide what to do with them), I sorted through my box of papers again and winnowed it down, I killed another houseplant, I got my bed set up, and my fish is still alive.

The hallway wall before, including the bit of paint I’d peeled with my fingers while contemplating the task ahead.

That said, the Saturday Nina and I spent painting is a bit of a blur. There was some crying on my part before Nina said she would gladly paint the wood trim for me (as long as I took what was around the doors), and then lots of loud music, some light cursing, some splatters (the floors needed to be refinished before this), and too little to eat. Also lots of humidity and me PMS-ing. (1. I almost made my subtitle “there may be blood” and, 2. when on earth did I get so flippant about my hormone cycle??)

Halfway through the process of priming.

Despite the humidity, we got the room patched, primed, and painted between 9:00 AM and about 6:00 PM (and Jo never made an appearance like she had planned to). Then I managed to sort through the bulk of my stored items and books as I was arranging furniture over the next few days. When my bed came, all hopes for further productivity went out the window. The only ones who notice the bare spots along the ceiling are my mother and me from my perch on my wonderful new full-sized memory foam mattress.

Nina wanted to roll paint while I did trim. Two swipes in and we both ooooed and ahhhed over my choice of dark blue. “It’s so pretty!” For the rest of the day I kept pausing to admire that color, finally convinced it was better than the gold I had entertained.

My palette incorporates most of the colors I already have – the desk is teal, the curtains the pale blue (almost), some wall art and my night table incorporate the bright green. The other furniture is white, gray, black, or brown, but that can easily be painted to suit. I read somewhere that a nice trick is to decorate with “middling” colors, because it opens up your options for decor; e.g. poppy red (between red and orange) and periwinkle (blue and purple). I think I got this covered in just one room, which may be dangerous.

Cutting in is my favorite part of painting. Nina did most of the trim while I primed and started cutting in, though she left the door trim to me.

The fumes got to us pretty quickly. On the wall I share with Jo’s room, there were several gaping holes near the trim which I tried and failed to fill. They kept spewing sawdust and junk at Nina and I, so that corner became “Chuck”.

The last of the trimming. I still have to apply a second layer along one wall because we ran out of time before it was dry enough.

Then we made up an elaborate history for the previous residents of the house, and decided my room had previously belong to a benevolent elderly person – probably a cat lady – who was sick of people trying to alter what she thought was a perfectly good room.

Nina’s favorite corner by the end of it.

In the end, I took shortcuts, accepted less-than-stellar results, allowed my impatience and lack of time to get the better of me, and sacrificed quality at the risk of future disappointment, but my room is painted and so far I have few regrets. I am also really looking forward to having an “aesthetically pleasing” room in which to take pictures of books and plants and the like.

Tumblr has ruined me.

Eventually I would like to do something about my ceiling (besides using glow-in-the-dark spray paint to put up constellations). I’ve seen neat ideas using wallpaper or bead board, but I don’t know if my DYI skills are quite up to par yet. Also, the walls are not level in some areas, which would require working around. I would also like to get a nice light fixture, but that will take some time.

In other news, the girls have both caught the reno bug. As soon as the smell of fumes fades from one room, it moves to the next.

Eli has moved south for college, which opened up his old room for Nina to make her witch’s haunt. (Seriously. The girl has dried flowers from her boyfriend hanging on the wall, vials of glitter stored in little cubbies, a wealth of scarves, old wood furniture, books on botany and dragons, and 10 cats and a gecko currently in residence.) Her first order of business was to get it painted, and she had enlisted my help as payment for helping me.

“You don’t actually have to,” she told me as I helped her pick out paint (including the exact shade of dark blue I had used in my room).

“Really?” I didn’t try to hide my excitement. “Because I was dreading that, no offense.”

She shrugged. “Sam’s going to come over and help.”

“And the room really is too small for a lot of people to work in,” I said. At 10 x 10 feet, it’s the smallest bedroom.

“And we don’t have enough paintbrushes.”

In the end, two of Nina’s friends came over to help. It took them most of the day to arrive because things came up, but Nina mustered her initiative and got the priming and most of the painting done first thing (with regular check-ins to keep me in the loop and make some use of me). Two of her walls now look like a fresh tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (in the best way possible), one is a navy blue, and the fourth is beautiful mountains starting out navy blue and fading to pale green thanks to the Not-Butter paint being slowly added.

After the fumes went away, the kittens were moved into her closet because Jo wants them out of her realm. Jo is now in sole possession of the master bedroom and just enough furniture to fill it (including Eli’s old TV, which means we’ll be spending most of our free time upstairs for the next few months). Despite being a perfectionist and decently artistic, Jo has a fear of cutting-in paint projects, so I probably won’t get out of helping her with that. But she has yet to settle on a palette, so I’ll have a little time.

I still need to get proper pictures of the (mostly-) finished product that is my bedroom, but it’s been rather disorganized for the last week, so that will have to wait.



One thought on “Painting and Organizing

  1. I’m digging the color that looks to be blue-ish. I just painted the back wall in my living room a similar color and it’s admired by me every time I walk in the door from work. Glad you got it finished for the most part.


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