This Week I Googled….

One of the blogs I follow on Tumblr does this occasionally and I thought it’d be amusing. I look up things online all the time; Wikipedia is like a dark hole (so many links). I wanted to see exactly what sort of things I searched for.

This is actually closer to two weeks, pulled from the best of my search histories on my work computer and my phone, and does not include all of the words I searched for on when I wanted to know their origins.

This is in some sort of order, but not chronological, and notes are in parentheses. Enjoy!

  • is “epically” a word?
  • how to spell “exorbitant” (all along I thought there was only 1 “t”!)pronunciation | kuu-tch with thanks to | all the Harry Potter fans
  • how to pronounce “cwtch” (really cool word blog if you follow the link)
  • “sehr gefahrlich” (when the German character in The Martian didn’t like the plan)
  • characters in The Paper Magician (I’m listening to this on Audible and I couldn’t figure out one of the names)
  • Gilded Cage book by Vic James (I read a version on Wattpad a couple of years ago and was looking for the publication date)
  • how many words should a chapter be in a novel? (answer: shorter than my average chapter)
  • is power out in my area? (answer: yes, because someone rolled their car into a power line at 3:00 AM)
  • how to sync a wii remote with a wii (Why is this so difficult?)
  • duvet cover diy
  • Virtual Villagers 5 walkthrough
  • no poo (one of those trendy things) for hair dried by baking soda
  • how to detox hair when switching to natural cleaner
  • homemade hair mask to detox
  • good healthy skin care products for oily, acne-prone skin
  • Numi tea > Numi loose leaf green tea
  • health benefits of matcha
  • Rishi tea matcha
  • how to prepare matcha
  • Image result for goat yoga
  • why do you have to whisk matcha?
  • is almond flour a substitute for wheat flour? (I meant “can I use it in bread just like
    regular flour” and the answer, after some experimentation, is a resounding “duh, no”)
  • goat yoga > goat yoga images
  • dog yoga
  • why do dogs lick people?
  • Mischief the raven
  • Bob Hope
  • Yma Sumac (I learned a lot about her thanks to her feature on the Google Doodle. She reminds me of stories I’ve heard of my dad’s dad’s mother.)
  • Ryan, Quantico (I hate the show but guys, his eyes! I told Jo and Calli I have a type, and he’s it.)
  • meaning of the name MichaelImage result for road to el dorado acolyte
  • meaning of name Gabriel
  • meaning of name Ainsley
  • origin of name Sookie
  • Dr Who the silence
  • cosplay Dr Who the empty child
  • Road to El Dorado i don’t know (I want a gif of Tzekel-Kan’s assistant “acolyte” when he shrugs and says, “I dunno”)
  • Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell (Tumblr oddity…and the original post has swearing, hence no link)

Image result for inside out memory workers



That was fun!



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