Phoebe Goes to the Country Club

I have willingly submitted myself to attending a luncheon, complete with a panel of people discussing topics that are beyond me but relevant to my job field, surrounded by a crowd of people I don’t know. At a country club.

How did this happen?

My first reaction when my boss sent out the invite was, “Ick, no thank you, I’d rather not.” Then I thought about it.

It’s good exposure. It would show I’m invested in my job. I’d learn a little more about the industry. I’d be representing my company.

So I texted my parents looking for advice, and they gave exactly the opposite of what I was hoping for – but yet exactly what my instincts were telling me:

“You should probably go.”

All reluctance and dragging feet, I responded to my boss’s email saying I’d love to attend; that I was open to any opportunity to learn. I even found a way to tactfully ask if I was expected to pay for my own ticket.

I was willing to pay to attend this event.

Luckily, the company is paying for us to attend. That’s nice. Now I have to ask if I put this on my time-sheet or not. Why is this all so complicated?

The food had better be good.



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