Autumn is Here and I’m Actually Excited


Can we talk about how adorable the Google Doodle for the Autumnal Equinox is? Because I squee‘d a little inside when I saw it.*

A while ago I would have said I was the unimpressed rock on the far right (still am when it comes to pumpkin spice and Halloween), but not so now – the mad folks of Tumblr will hardly let one forget that, yes, it is officially fall, and will remain so until December. If the forecast is to be trusted, today is the last day for a while where people in my slip of the world will have temperatures in the 80’s, and I cannot wait.

I’m really looking forward to regularly wearing my cardigans. I may need to pull out my red one to fill the single gap in my capsule wardrobe…. But mostly I’m glad to be done with summer, with its high temperatures and humidity and bugs. If I lived in an air-tight, air conditioned house, I might be singing another tune. But I don’t, so I’m not. You summer lovers can deal.**reading-challenge

Over the next few months, I’ve got lots to keep me busy (and hopefully distracted from the allure of thrift stores): getting the rest of the garden crop in and the garden plot turned under; continuing to work on Moxie’s behavioral issues; completing this round of edits for my book and hopefully submitting queries to agents (!!!); starting up my worm composting bin (more on that later); getting flower gardens prepped for spring; trying to can some veggies (the garden kind of suffered this year); working on several seasonal projects at work; attempting NaNoWriMo; and getting my Christmas shopping done as early as possible (I already have it all planned out).

Best of all (or perhaps worst?), I’ve hit my annual health kick. Prepare to be inundated with posts about homemade shampoo, skin care products, and me griping about exercise.

I’m also trying to finish up a 2016 reading challenge; with 16 books out of 41 left to go, I don’t know if I’ll quite make it, but we’ll see.

Usually I would have started listening to Christmas music several weeks ago – and we just started working on our Christmas cantata with the church choir – but I’m holding off on that this year. Jo and I agree that, if started too early, Christmas music tends to work the shine out of the holiday season.

Of course, my brain is already psyched up for “the grey days” in November, and I’d like to forget that we have to get through a mess of orange and gold and red and Halloween and Thanksgiving and pumpkins before then. Then I have to decide if I want to bring a small Christmas tree to sit on my desk….


*If you missed it, the Doodle is this group of rocks sitting quietly until a gust of wind carries by some leaves. The rocks all spring awake (one grouchily) and watch the leaves. When one leaf falls in front of it, the rock second-to-the-right eats it, to the shock of the others. I know: small things for small minds.

** Not to say I hate summer. I love the hiking and the camping and visiting quiet beaches and going barefoot, but the humidity in my part of the world is irritating. Also, bugs.


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