Everything Happens at Once, and I Run Out of Money

Dear Diary,

This week my dog was spayed, my car and Jo’s car both broke down…again, I finally got compost worms which then proceeded to commit mass suicide all over the basement floor, it rained a little too much over the course of several days for my naturally gloomy mood to handle, and the cat ate my feta cheese.

Wanna know how much all of this has cost me? No, y’don’t. I haven’t even tallied it up but I know it ain’t pretty. Fortunately, I bought back some vacation hours to help bolster my savings after this punch to the gut. Not like I was planning to take time off, anyway.

Now we have a new car sitting in our driveway courtesy of my Forester Fund, I haven’t checked on the worms in two days for fear of what I’ll find, my dog is overheating for no apparent reason, for the first time since I got a job my monetary sources are below zero (and I haven’t even tithed yet…), and I don’t know how I’m getting to work because the aforementioned car isn’t yet registered. Oh, and I have a huge pile of projects waiting for me when I get back to work.

To try and be Pollyanna for a moment, I have to admit that it was nice of everything to dump on me at once rather than let my stress slowly build. It’s easier to keep track of things this way, and may even save me some hard nights’ sleep in the future. I’m back to Square One all in a rush, and that does save time.

On the actual bright side, my credit score has improved and I made chili. Chili is expensive when you’re making it for 5-7 people, which I must do. So long as I manage to save enough leftovers to get me through a work week of lunchtimes, I’ll be (mostly) content.

For real this time, I can’t spend money on anything that isn’t non-essential this month, because I don’t have any money left. This new car is supposed to get good gas mileage, and I’m praying Jo’s car gets fixed so she can drive hers and I can drive my new rust bucket vehicle I can’t call names, rather than having to take the bus. Because bus tickets cost more than I pay for gas.

No one’s getting Christmas presents from me this year.



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