100th Post (in which I give a rambling update)

  • I finally discovered what “tl;dr” means! And I may have to start employing it here, because I ramble. But not today.
  • I have been at this “undercover blonde” thing for so long that I’m starting to call myself “Phoebe” in my head. My alter-ego now has accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, NaNoWriMo, email, this blog, some writing websites, Day Zero, Goodreads…. Have I taken this too far?
    • In this same vein, I’m thinking about changing the title of the blog. To what, I don’t know. I also want to change the theme around because it’s no longer apple blossom time in this hemisphere and I never thought I’d go this long with pink being the primary color of my blog.
  • NaNo prep is going so-so. I’m juggling that and trying to wrap up edits on my longstanding WIP, which is exciting…. Last week, Calli came over to “work on our novel ideas” with me. What we actually did was Skype Fay while playing with kittens, while my dog sat in the background behind a kiddie gate barking every time Calli moved like it was the first time Moxie had seen her. And eating cake. This is how writers work, yo!
    • I have the main characters and the backstory mostly down for my novel, but the plot keeps crumbling to pieces for some reason.
    • People say writers put little bits about themselves into their characters, which is true for me. This year’s MC loves tea and books. Somehow that led me in my “research”* to this, where, as one commenter noted, “Ireland is my spirit animal”:

Cuppa satwcomic.com

  • Car update: Jo’s died last Friday and was taken to the shop. My car had been acting strange for weeks (electrical issues, lights on the dash blinking at me, a steadily growing leak or some such with the radiator). Jo took  my car to the mall Saturday, Image result for firefly love keeps her in the airwhere she had to park it after it started smoking. (Fine, Mom. Steaming.) That same day, Mom picked up a new car for me. Sunday my old car went into the shop. Monday we had to work out rides for Jo and I. Tuesday my new car was finally registered, and I dubbed it Svengal** (AKA Sven***) because reasons (including that Charlie Crunchcrab**** just didn’t roll of the tongue like I wanted). That same day Jo was back to driving her car, though I still needed rides. Wednesday Sven and I got familiar with each other. Thursday Jo’s car died. Friday I had to get another ride to work so Jo could drive Sven. My old car is done but I don’t think I can pay for and pick it up until Monday. I’ve moved past bitter to apathetic now.
  • I broke my clothes-buying ban yesterday. I had to kill time between me getting out of work and Jo picking me up, and I was not about to sit around in the empty office until the lights turned off on me (they’re motion-sensing, and I sit too still when I’m reading), so I trekked across the road to my favorite thrift store. (Only favorite because it’s where I found The Sweater Nina now owns.) Side note: their preferred playlist is exactly what Nina likes. Weird. So I’m browsing racks and pulling off anything that looks remotely fluffy and warm, and then I tried them on. I came up with a thick blue-green knitted sweater, a dark navy pull-over, and what I dubbed “Mr. Rogers’ cardigan sans pockets”*****. And then I killed more time debating my purchase. I only have space in my capsule wardrobe for one item, and I did allow for a sweater purchase in my clothes-buying ban because sweaters. I finally settled on the blue sweater because it best suits my needs. And then I found a pair of skinny black pants that were the perfect length, which I’ve been searching for so I don’t have to shave my legs so often because they’re as versatile as blazers. (Also, they make my butt look nice, which I’m finally learning to appreciate.) To be fair, I didn’t even spend $5 on this. For real, this time: no clothes until March.
  • Moxie is still alive, and past the mandatory 7 days of minimal activity (which we didn’t really follow anyway because being carried up and down the stairs was too much for her pride). Her Prozac is still useless (we’ve been slowly weaning her off of it) and I’m trying to muster the wherewithal to take her to the mall or someplace and resume her training. Maybe if I put on my new sweater….
  • I still have no money. I canceled my Spotify subscription in an effort to preserve some of my funds, which already hurts because now I have to shuffle endlessly in hopes of reaching my favorite songs, and the ads kill my writing vibes. I then proceeded****** to spend $5 on clothes, which is half of a monthly Spotify subscription. Spotify will be back for NaNoWriMo, however.
  • One more NaNo related thing: even though I’m broke, I’m considering getting together ingredients to make up some soups, casseroles, pizzas, and burrito mixes to freeze so I have food during November (not really because I anticipate being more busy than normal, but because it makes me feel responsible). I’ll have to have Jo help me word a notice to the family along the lines of “This food not for family consumption, please don’t take it personally, but I can’t afford to feed all of you”. ‘Nother reason why I want to move out….
  • I finally requested a day off! It’s not until next month, but it’s on the Friday before Thanksgiving week, which means I get a long weekend, and then the week of Thanksgiving the office is only open Monday through Wednesday. So much time to avoid writing!


* I was looking up tea in Scandinavia….

**From Ranger’s Apprentice, partly inspired by the fact that Aiden’s truck is Halt.

*** Both a nickname for Svengal and a reindeer in Frozen.

**** From the Fairyland books, a crotchety old fairy who is briefly the king.

***** It was just so comfy! Had it pockets, I would have taken it in an instant. However, it had come off the large rack and didn’t really suit my body type, and I would have been hard-pressed to find much in my wardrobe that it would have matched, outside of jeans. I’m proud of my self-control. (Disregard the fact that I still bought two things.)

****** Is this phrase redundant?

Image result for how do reavers clean their spears


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