Evasive Action!

This week, man. I’m still processing everything that hit us, so I won’t even try to go there right now. I’m currently in survival mode, distracting myself with writing until my thoughts get sorted out.

Right now I’m hanging out at a coffee shop a few minutes from our house. I told the family I’d be gone all morning (ok, I finally dragged myself out of the house around 10:00) and to not expect me back until 2:00 or 3:00.

The shop opens at 9:00 on Saturdays and so far I’m the only person here, sitting in a corner like some wannabe Strider because it’s the only table near an outlet (the rest of the outlets are by armchairs which didn’t look promising for my productivity). Just to get me in the mood, I put on my fingerless gloves, my slouchy hat, and my new favorite black pants. And bought Earl Grey tea.

Yes, I’m avoiding everything. Life is crappy (but looking up, right?) and my plot for NaNoWriMo crumbled into too many pieces for me to even hope to put back into some semblance of order.

I have to admit, the story itself never really did excite me. It was more a logistical challenge I wanted to win.

Two things: 1) I never make it through strategy games without using the walk-through, and 2) I cannot write political intrigue to save my life.

So here I am, deep in a rabbit hole and trying to find a way out, when the hero of the story (not the main character, but the guy she’s trying to help save the world) up and says, “Hey, I don’t want to be the noble good guy. I want to be the manipulative villain.”

I rolled with it. Some of his plot points didn’t make sense anyway, so I figured I had little to lose.

Wrong. His rebellion cost me my entire plot. Thanks, dude.

I may just pants it this year. Some of my best writing has come out of pantsing it, even though all of that writing must be heavily edited to make any sense. Perhaps that’s just how writing is supposed to go for me and I should accept it and move on.

My only problem: I have no ideas. Nothing intriguing, no great question, to start with. I always at leave have a notion: “One of the characters is a dragon who can’t fly” or “These people live in a land above the clouds and have never seen rain” or “one of the characters has a power he can only use once”. See? I’m not one of those people who writes down every single idea that comes into her brain, so I don’t even have an “inspiration” folder to dig through.

What about the Rapunzel who can see the future, you may be asking? Yeah, she and I aren’t getting along at present.

Which brings us back here, to the quiet coffee shop on a Saturday, where I’m avoiding writing (even editing, which I need to do) in favor of blogging, browsing the NaNo forums, and sketching.

If I was daring, I’d try to force myself out of the fantasy genre and my very small comfort zone. Maybe I’ll see if Calli wants to join me…. Then I’ll definitely get nothing done.



6 thoughts on “Evasive Action!

      1. A) you are both insane
        B) leave my naming issues out of this, I usually try approximately 7 names per character before one sticks.
        C) sorry I couldn’t help you procrastinate today. We shall have to get together sometime soon and swap stories about all the suck currently filling our lives.


      2. A) Takes one to know one.
        B) All’s fair in love and war.
        C) If we do that, we are going to need several hours, lots of chocolate, and probably some tissues. Just a heads-up.


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