Saturday is for Avoiding Responsibility

I think one of the most unexpected parts about adulthood has to be email inboxes.

I just spent an hour cleaning out the inbox for my personal email, which is on our family’s domain. A couple of months ago Dad narrowed his eyes at me across the table while telling Mom he had found the source of our dwindling storage space on said domain. At the time I made a half-hearted effort to clear things out, but the server only allowed me to select roughly 25 emails at a time to delete.

There were over 2,000.

So I got a few pages in and gave up.

Now, in an effort to avoid editing, which I was doing to avoid plotting, which I was doing to avoid blogging, which I was doing to avoid housework, which I was doing to avoid taking a shower and going shopping, I settled down to clean out email inboxes.

It took me an hour.

It was like a horrific walk down memory lane: emails from Gram years ago when she replied to every blog post I wrote; notifications for when I paid traffic tickets; job search results; Dad’s Christmas list from two years ago; a Yahoo email about the Avengers: Age of Ultron plot reveal; an email from Barnes and Noble titled something like “The Road meets Ender’s Game in The Fifth Wave” (the third book just came out); and a thousand Words of the Day.

And, oh, hey, I just deleted that email from Cat Valente.

Needing a break, I switched to my two Yahoo accounts and archived everything there. I don’t know what archiving means exactly,  but it was the only option I had for moving a massive amount of emails at once.

Why don’t they have a “select everything in this folder” button? Why not a giant red button to self-destruct the entire thing?

My combined email accounts are now roughly 10,000 emails lighter. And I found that email.

On the bright side, knowing my tendency to let things slide inbox-wise, I’ve kept my work email very clean and organized. I was the same way at my last job. At least I’m not a complete failure.

I don’t really want to talk about the state of my phone storage. Screen shots will be the end of me.

Yes, I am still avoiding everything. I am so ready for October to be over. It’s going to take several more blog posts to explain everything that happened after the car fiasco. I’ll probably write all of that up in the next few days and schedule them to post throughout November. And then cuddle my dog while I catch my breath.

And now I’ve worked my way back up the procrastination tracks to blogging. Next up: laundry. Capsule wardrobes are nice and all, but mine lasts me about a week and a half.



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