NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day One

Quick note: I got too enthusiastic with my virtual housecleaning and deleted most of the pictures on my blog. After growling and grumbling about it for several hours (I managed to avert actual tears), I was philosophical: I only started posting pictures about 6 months and not with every post, so it wasn’t a terrible loss. Just frustrating. Some posts will never see the return of pictures (including my room reno series…), while others, if I have the patience, will be restored thanks to collection of pictures on my phone which I haven’t cleaned out in months.

Yes, I looked to see if there was any way to restore things. Multiple posts in the WordPress support section say “No”.

Lesson learned. Moving on. It’s just a blog.

First off: thank goodness October is over. No offense to the family members with birthdays in October, but this was a rotten month.

Moving on.

For the record, I still have no idea what I’m doing for NaNo. I literally got up this morning and started writing. The story that came out is a morphed version of my original plan with the amnesiac. Sorry, Rapunzel; you and your dog weren’t enough to support a story. Maybe later.

And then I got about…meh, 200 words in and reached my first conundrum: what to do with a milk cow while its owner is away at a wedding.

How do writers ever get anything done?

After another 800-odd words, I did some quick Googling and found my answer: goat instead of cow, and said goat has twins to solve the issue of no human being around for a few days. My character now has a dog, a kitten, two horses, a crow, some pigeons, and three or four goats.

There. Can we move on, now?

Did you know a female goat is called a “doe”?

And yes, I am editing as a go. Just sparingly, adding a word here or there to avoid some confusion in the future.

Meanwhile, both Calli and Nina are joining me. Nina has been doing writing prompts with some friends for a while, so her writing drive is sharp. Calli has a proper plot with dragons and everything. Me? I haven’t written anything beyond blog posts and editing for I don’t know how long, and my plot doesn’t extend beyond the first chapter, except for vague notions. But then, my favorite story started out the same way.

If nothing else, I have scraps of a dozen other stories to pick up should this one peter out.

Oh, and I still have a half-dozen library books to read and three more chapters of a third draft to edit.

Blog posts this month will be dedicated to NaNo and No Spend Month (like, every day, probably), unless something else noteworthy occurs. Follow my writing progress here via the link under the NaNo banner.


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