Quick Note to Welcome December

December is here. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping, I’m way off-budget, my worms are dying of neglect (but Carswell is still alive and well!), and in the wake of NaNoWriMo I am suddenly remembering all of my other commitments, like the stack of library books I’ve been accruing. What happens when I get to points like these? I freeze. And then I fiddle with my blog layout.

You’ll notice the look and title of the blog have changed. Since it’s no longer spring or even summer, I figured the apple blossoms and the pink had to go. I can only take pink for so long. The title is something that came to me recently while I was wading through projects at work. More on that later. (Like, a series of explanatory posts and anecdotes.)

December is shaping up to be full of blog-worthy things. I’ve been roped into my first workplace Christmas celebrations, including Secret Santa (which I could rant about for an hour if you let me). As administrative assistant and the only office worker who can’t hide from the sight of the lobby, I was put in charge of Christmas decorations at work. Now a giant fake Christmas tree is blocking out my only source of sunlight. We don’t have a tree at home yet (if you don’t count the three Jo and Nina have between them), and decorating around here always gets interesting with our pets. Then, later in the month, both Eli and Fay are coming home for Christmas. Lots of plans already made for when that happens.

At present, however, I have to wake my snoring puppy and get on with my day. I keep thinking it’s Friday; it’s not.



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