Phoebe is (Once Again) Reminded to Leave Well-Enough Alone

Patience. The character trait I will forever struggle with. Like, even in eternity when I’m operating in a glorified body and mind, I will still be impatient.

The most recent proof of this is what happened when I tried to order a book from the inter-library transit system yesterday. I really wanted this book, and I wanted it before the end of the year in the hopes of reading it for one of my 2016 reading challenges.

The transit system doesn’t let people choose which library to order books from, nor does it select the library closest to the lender’s location. By turns, it either selects the first library alphabetically (even if the book is already loaned out from there), or it picks a library at random.

So instead of getting the book from the next city over, it kept trying to send me a book from several hours away. I kept clicking and deleting every order for a while, hoping to get the system to select the nearest library. Eventually, seeing it wasn’t going to work, I gave up, deleted all but one of the orders, and went on my way.

This is not to suggest I was satisfied with my results. No, after work last night I stopped by the post office to get mail for Mom and found a note in our box about a package that was too big to fit in the box. So I had to wait in the perpetually-long line to get it (remember half-way through that I had left my car running). What better way to spend my time than to call the  library to see if there was a solution to my perceived conundrum?

Yes. The first call I make on my cell phone in probably several weeks is to the library. To see if I can get a book more quickly than their system is offering.

I really hope I didn’t come off as a snob. I said “please” and “thank you” and tried not to stutter or sound rude. The lady at the reference desk was polite and, after making sense of my query, agreed that there ought to be a faster way to get my book to me.

And then I learned that there were two transit systems to choose from: the one I had been using, which covers most of the state, and the one directly through my city’s library.


Once I got home, I placed a request for the book directly through my library, but I left the one request through the other transit system and figured I’d test how quickly everything could go.

On lunch today I checked to see if either of the books had been sent out yet. The one through the library had, so I figured I’d switch to the other system and cancel that request.

Psych. That one had sent, too. As well as the six other copies I had placed requests for and presumably cancelled in my attempts to get a book from a nearer library.

I now have eight copies of the same book coming my way. If anyone at the library asks, I’ll chalk this up to a computer glitch. Or perhaps a book club. Sure. Because I’m definitely the sort of person who goes in for those.

It’s a wonder this is the first time I’ve ever managed this. Lesson learned? Maybe.

In other news, Eli and Fay are both home (!!!); baring a heat wave, we will have snow for Christmas; and I’m willingly going to a Star Wars movie with Nina tonight (part of her Christmas present). It’s almost Christmas!



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