The Sun Came Out Today

And it was so beautiful I wanted to cry.

Fog is nice and all, but when it persists for four days in a row, I’m done. When visibility is down to two-tenths of a mile, I’m done.

The weather has been more like March and April than January this past week, but it finally seems to be ending. The sun is setting behind the clouds and thick snowflakes are starting to fall. Mom and Dad are away on a mini-vacation, I have a good book and hot chocolate, and tomorrow is Friday.

I didn’t intend to be away from the blog this long, but I’ve been working through some major life decisions that sprang up rather suddenly, and flailing around in a panic while I learn the art of adulthood has left little brain power for much else. Even my coworkers are starting to notice, though I don’t dare tell them why I’m distracted and moody, because it involves a job change.

If. If, if, if. It’s the if’s that are getting to me the most. The moment everything is as decided as possible is when I’ll start to level out.

Ok, so I won’t. I’ll just have something new to freak out over – though hopefully it’ll be the good kind of freaking out that doesn’t result in tearful texting with Mom. And if the if’s turn into definitely’s, I’ll have had hours of Google research and missed sleep under my belt and some of the bigger uncertainties out of the way. Look at me being proactive!

I know, I’m being awfully vague, but there’s so much to this prospect that I hardly know where to start. I’ll have some more answers – particularly the yes or no one – in a couple of weeks, so I’ll share then. If.

I’m not usually one to bemoan winter, but I’m impatient for this one to end and spring to come. I have a challenge to drive me to distraction and changes I can get excited about, but there’s still a season of waiting to get through.

Also, spring means I’ll be able to sit outside and soak up the sun instead of having to run inside after a few minutes because my hands are numb. Why is it that sunshine and a sharp breeze clears my head better than almost anything else?


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