My Sister is a Goat

If you’ve missed it, I am on a lifelong mission to assign to myself as many labels as possible. Even if I only know a little bit about a fandom, I want to know what faction or house I’d be in and which character shares my personality type. (FYI: I’m Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan, which was sweet at first, until the full implications of this fact hit me.)

A couple of weeks ago, Jo and I were watching Zootopia in her room and, for whatever reason, started debating what animals different family and friends were most like. In the midst of it, Jo was texting Calli and a couple of other friends, so they got involved as well.

Image result for aye aye
The aye-aye, allegedly a lemur but actually a demon.

In addition to discovering the startlingly creepy aye-aye, which looks like either a really weird monster from an ’80’s movie or a demon, we managed to assign animals to everyone in our family and all of the MacIntyre kids.

Yes, that is meant to sound like I view this endeavor as an accomplishment, because it was both fun and required some creativity. And Jo said I was really good at it, which only encouraged me.

Both because I like to share my accomplishments and because I don’t have anything more serious about which I can blog (and Fay supported this), I’m going to share our findings. Look at it as a way of better understanding the people with whom I regularly rub shoulders and share food. So, in no particular order:

It has long been agreed that Jo is a goat, and she supports this: she likes food, she tends to leap about and is full of energy, and she’s so upbeat and sweet-looking that only people who know her suspect they should be a little cautious around her.

Calli is all about salt water, so I suggested some sort Arctic animal, but it turns out that most of them tend to be social creatures. Not to say Calli isn’t sociable, but she’s more about small groups and enough personal space when she needs it. We eventually settled on polar bears, which seems very suitable. She has taken to sending me polar bear memes as evidence.

When I told Calli – via Jo – that I thought Fay was a kangaroo, she reported that her mother was first baffled and then so impressed  by my arguments that she did her signature laughing-so-hard-she-doesn’t-make-a-sound bit. Sorry if you’ve yet to been made aware of this revelation, Fay, and feel free to debate it, but here are my reasons:

  • You’re well-known but elusive.
  • By all appearances, you’re friendly enough, but cross you and someone is getting a flying kick in the head.
  • I swear I had other reasons at the time, but I’ve forgotten them.

I’m still torn between Nina being either a house cat or a fox. There are arguments for both, including her love of cuddling and taking naps and being generally cute and agreeable (I mean, have you seen domesticated foxes?). She prefers the fox herself.

Aiden is, quite naturally, a dog. I didn’t even have to ask, because Calli immediately said as much. To narrow it down more, I suspect him of being a Brittany Spaniel or a Labrador Retriever. He’s inquisitive, hard-working, upbeat, excessively friendly, and possessive of his people. He also gets along well with small children and every dog except mine and the weird one from his old job.

Eli is a gorilla: social, protective of his people, meticulous about his personal space, impressive both to those who know him and those who pass him in the hall, strong, and just a little moody.

When Jo asked about Mom, I immediately said elephant, which Jo questioned but Mom later agreed with. Elephants are known to be empathetic, caring, intelligent, and creative. Also, they’re well-liked and easy-going. The kicker for Mom was when I said they were more emotional than dolphins, which was her other option.

I haven’t mentioned this project to her, but I think Sam is an otter. Look up otters and you’ll understand why. We also established a couple of Jo’s friends as being a society finch and a macaroni penguin, and yes, that second one is intended to be slightly insulting.

I can’t decide for myself. Calli maintains that I’m a cat, but I disagree because cats secretly want to be cuddled and touched and I usually don’t; they’re more graceful than I usually am; if not in truth, they tend to appear calm and collected; and they’re picky eaters. I was going for a badger because I adore them (Trufflehunter from Prince Caspian is one of my favorite Narnian characters). Calli suggested I think I’m more aggressive than I really am, but that’s not why I think I’m a badger.

The other option at present is a bat, even though they live in groups. (I also adore Ares from The Underland Chronicles.) For a while it was a moose, but I changed my mind*. I’ll probably change it back to moose eventually. I never can decide. For all I know, I could be a capybara** or a snake.

I didn’t even try with Mr. and Mrs. MacIntyre. Mr. MacIntyre and I have something of a…rivalry, perhaps?…so anything I suggest would be mostly sarcastic, tempered only by the fact that he’s always giving me food when I come over. Since I already assigned animals to all two of my friends and Sam, that only left Dad, and I still haven’t decided on him. At present I’m leaning toward a beaver because he tends to be industrious, but it’s not quite right.

There! This is what I do in my spare time, when I should be cleaning or writing or something more productive. This is what I do with my God-given creativity and sense of humor. Be proud, people; I’m going places.


*Helped by Jo quoting this:

Related image

**Which I just learned are is actually native to South America, and not Australia as I had assumed.


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