Whole…9.5; or Why I Should Stop Doing Challenges

See? That lasted just over a week.

I won’t bother to recap the whole of it for you. I did learn a lot, I defeated my cravings for sugar and munchies, and I survived both the best potluck of the year at church and a Cinco de Mayo spread at work.

But in the end, I really just wanted some cheese.

Honestly, I was miserable. I got 9.5 days in and had no appetite, hated the thought of food in general, and wanted a snack to distract me from the cough that simply won’t go away. Admittedly I was rather hormonal, too.

Kudos to Jo for seeing it through! She just finished up a couple of days ago and so far hasn’t had any issues introducing formerly-prohibited food groups. She’s always been the more stubborn one between us.

We both found some good recipes, got better at reading nutrition labels, and found camaraderie in our shared disgust for sweet potatoes in any form. Perhaps after my vacation I’ll try this again. Who knows?

If I do, I won’t announce it until I succeed. If I don’t succeed, you’ll never know.

And that’s literally all I have to say at present. Life had been normal (aside from the cough). It’s fundraiser season at work, which translates into the only time of the year when my boss demands deadlines and is likely to get upset with me. I’ve turned into a softie at this job. I actually cried yesterday over a mistake I’m laughing about today.

Since it’s been over a year and a half since my first post, I’ve been thinking about doing a “Reintroductory” post, but that’s all I’ve got right now. I’m really searching for something to write – on this blog and off.

Ok. Back to my hummus.


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