Recipe Time: Beef and Broccolini

This week’s recipe comes to you courtesy of my mother, who demanded something semi-healthy for once. (Because weeks of pasta and creamy soups are good for your emotional health, but not necessarily your physical health.) As always, the family got to vote, but we included Sammy because she was spending the night.

Sammy has dietary restrictions of her own, including an intolerance to beef – the poor, poor child. So she got chicken.

Last night’s family dinner meal was….

Beef and Broccolini

(original recipe found here)

Note: This recipe claims it makes enough for four people. I had half-again as many ingredients as it called for and six of us wanted more. So I’ll give you the measurements as they worked for me, rather than as originally listed out.

You will need:

  • Steak – I got 1 pound-ish of sirloin / or chicken – I used most of a chicken breast for Sammy’s portion
  • Broccolini – two bunches for me (see original author’s note about why broccolini is better)
  • Fresh garlic – which I thought we had, but we were almost out, so I added garlic powder to supplement; equaled about 2 cloves and 1 tsp of garlic powder
  • Fresh ginger – I never, ever have this and I don’t even know how to buy it, so I used powdered ginger; and again, ran out of it; used about 2 tsp and would have liked more
  • Tamari – soy sauce’s richer, healthier cousin; 1 1/3 cups for me
  • Cornstarch – arrowroot’s cheaper cousin; 2 tbsp
  • Black pepper – cayenne’s…ok, I’ll stop; to taste (hehe)
  • Olive oil – because I love it more than coconut oil and it makes me feel sophisticated; used as much as I jolly well pleased
  • Water – for you boring folks; to thin sauce if it thickens at the end
  • Noodles or rice – not in the recipe, but it helped spread the meal a bit
  • A skillet (cast iron for me, of course), a couple of large bowls, a cutting board and sharp knife, and some measuring cups and spoons


To Make:

Thinly slice your meat and coat it in corn starch (2 tablespoons for 1 pound of steak). Add a sprinkle of pepper. Cook several pieces at a time (not touching) in oil in the skillet (cook thoroughly for chicken; 60-90 seconds per side for beef). Keep heat to medium. Transfer to a bowl once cooked. Add more oil as needed.

File Nov 16, 6 57 09 PM

Chop broccoli/broccolini into two-inch chunks. Adding more oil as necessary, cook in skillet until veggies have reached desired tenderness. (I like mine crunchy, so this didn’t take too long.) Add to bowl with meat and mix up.

In a small bowl, mix up sauce with: tamari, ginger, pepper, and garlic. Add to empty skillet and scrape up yummy brown bits. Add broccolini and steak, stir to coat, and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes. Sauce may thicken. If you don’t want that, add some water.

Note: My skillet was kind of small, so I had to split up the sauce and meat and veggies and mix it all up by turns.

Serve up and enjoy.

File Nov 16, 6 56 56 PM
Thanks to my crappy phone camera and the lighting in our living room, this looks horrid. But it tasted amazing.

For those of you who love sodium:

I did not add a single pinch of salt and I used low-sodium tamari and this was still salty, even to my salt-loving father. Not overwhelming, but noticeable.

I don’t eat steak very often – really, my beef consumption is primarily ground beef – so I was giddy for this recipe. I also went to a proper deli/meat counter to get my steak. It was wrapped in paper and everything, and I felt so grown-up. The receipt at check-out solidified this sensation in the worst way possible.

The flavor was wonderful and I’m glad I’ve discovered broccolini, which is broccoli’s more tender cousin. Even the stalk-bits were delicious and not stringy. In future I might make more sauce and let the meat marinade – especially if it’s chicken. The best part? It actually stayed pretty healthy! And the prep was easy and cook time was quick-ish.

Success! And happy eating!


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