Plan B

In a break from tradition, for this year’s Camp NaNo I will do something I have never done for a NaNo event before: I will track something other than my word count.

I came to the conclusion recently that I may have chosen the wrong part of the story to start Undersong at. As such, it’s officially stalled. (Don’t worry; this is a normal part of my writing process, even if I rarely acknowledge it.) While I stew over this development and decide how I want to proceed, I’m picking up my second project to work on for July.

Dark and Deep has sat quietly for a few months since I finally churned out the last couple thousand words. I’ve moved past the “sakes alive, I hate everything about this book” stage and onto the “this actually has some promise” stage, which is the sign that it’s time to dig in and start revisions.

AKA: My favorite part about writing.

I’m even more exciting to get started on revisions right now because after revisions, for the first time, I will take my project a step further and send it out to beta readers! (Cue panicked whimpering.) Being the crazed person I am, I spent several hours working up questionnaire pages and summary sheets and submission forms in anticipation of enlisting beta readers. My optimism is astounding.

So! July. I’ve got my manuscript for Dark and Deep all organized on my computer. I’d like to get it printed up, but I can’t decide if I want to waste the effort here or print out the refined version after I’ve heard from my betas. In either case, I’ll start with a read-through to catch any glaring plot holes and errors, scattering copious amounts of self-deprecating notes over everything, and then go back through to start tweaking and shifting until things are a little more coherent.

My goal for July is to spend 30 hours on revisions. Considering I typed up 15,000 words of Undersong in a fit of insanity that one Saturday (time I may have spent in vain given more recent revelations), I anticipate that 30 hours will result in a hefty chunk of revisions. Also, after a month with Dark and Deep, I’m confident that Undersong will have sorted itself, if only out of sheer jealousy, which is another problem sorted.

Then, depending on how things look at the end of July, I may be close to ready for beta readers.

And then I have to find beta readers.


Some of the ladies in my lovely new writing group have offered, but at the time I was presenting Undersong as the project in question. Dark and Deep is quite a different story, even if it is still fantasy, so I’ll have to see if anyone is still interested if it means they don’t get pirates and shape-shifters and Lir the awesome red-headed love interest.

Shameless self-promotion time! (Because I don’t do it that often.) In light of me shifting gears lately with my writing, I’ve updated my “Phoebe’s Projects” page here on the blog to give some more details about my WIP’s. I’ve also included a link under Dark and Deep‘s section with more details about the story. *wink wink*

That’s something writer-bloggers do, right??

I feel so dirty.

Also, I apologize for my sudden absence in June. For some reason this always happens during the summer months and I can’t explain it. I’m working on getting back to the quasi-schedule I’d been keeping to recently, once I find some topics to actually blog about. Maybe food….


6 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Okay, but I would absolutely love to beat read Dark and Deep???? EVEN IF I don’t get my smoldering precious son, Lir. I would still love to beat for you, Phoebe! Hopefully I will have the time…. I think my life will start slowing down just a tad a few weeks into July, so that is something I am eternally grateful for…and that also means I can start clearing my schedule to make time to beta!!_ (that is, if you’ll have me, of course)

    And EEEP!!! I must go check out this page!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol, I was hoping you’d still be up for it! Yes, no smoldering Lir, but I do have a few decent princes and some monsters and whatnot. They are unequal to my former pirate, but eh.


  3. Please pick me????? Please???? I would be so honored?????? LIKE YOU ARE SO GIFTED THAT IT WOULDN’T BE WORK — IT WOULD JUST BE A FREE READ. I love you. Please consider me. Please…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Daw!!! Kate, THANK YOU! Yes, I shall put you on the list.
    Warning: I have no deadline anymore. Everything is a mess right now and it’s gonna take some noodling to get the characters back on track. Not long, but work.


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