Courage, Part Three: Finding Courage and Pursuing Dreams

The heart is a muscle. It has to be working, training, expanding its limits, if it is to get stronger. … More Courage, Part Three: Finding Courage and Pursuing Dreams


Defying the Marriage Culture

Here’s a radical notion: Teach girls useful life skills for the sake of having useful life skills. Tell them they need these skills so they can be effective servants for their Creator. Show them how these skills will open doors to reaching souls for Christ; to ministering to their fellow saints; to being lights in a darkling world. Tell them these skills – cooking, gardening, cleaning, art, music, changing tires, cutting hair, speaking in public, memorizing scripture, understanding the workings of sound systems, being well-educated – will make them limitless. It will teach them their own value and strength. Help them understand that their purpose in life is to live it well, to live it for God’s glory, single or married. … More Defying the Marriage Culture

Willing Obedience

The Bible story for this is out of Numbers 20, where God tells Moses to speak to the rock to get water for the thirsty murmuring Israelites and Moses strikes the rock instead. Twice. Back in Exodus, God had told Moses to strike another rock, but this time He said speak. What I’m hoping the kids will get out of this is that the key to obeying is listening to all of the instructions instead of assuming we already know what to do.

About there in the lesson I paused. This sounded familiar. … More Willing Obedience

The Secret to Being an Adult

I rush about like a mad person, wailing about how I’ll never get it all done, while God watches with a shaking head and beckons me closer. I’ve caught glimpses of what it is like to put Him at the center and let Him be my gravity. I know for a fact that He can ground me and set me on a steady course. But I keep pushing away, setting myself spinning into space in the process, because I don’t want to be weak. I want to be strong enough. I want to prove that I can manage at least this. I am a big girl. I don’t need holding any more. … More The Secret to Being an Adult

Excuses vs. Reasons

As she was grouching, she went back to how she was no good with people because she was always on the piano. I grinned and said, “Gram, you know what you told me yesterday? ‘That’s an excuse, not a reason.'”

I got a reply along the lines of, “Oh, be quiet.” Then she complained about not getting any sympathy in our house. … More Excuses vs. Reasons