Savory Skillet Chicken for Flu Season

While half of the family draped themselves across chairs and beds to moan and croak and wheeze, I made supper for myself, content in the knowledge that, for once, no one would be begging for a serving. … More Savory Skillet Chicken for Flu Season


Phoebe Bakes

One of my goals for 2016 is to be more active in my church and particularly in the various ministries it offers. I already teach a class, where I am finally working through the kinks, but I want to do more. Last week we had several funerals for family of church members. Like always, Pastor … More Phoebe Bakes

Chili on an Autumn Day

All day yesterday the sky was gray, though it didn’t rain until last night. Now there’s a steady drizzle outside and it’s almost chilly again. For a week we’ve had the supplies for chili and everyone has been begging for it. Since I’m home all the time, I’m in charge of food, and the weather dictated that today would be chili day. … More Chili on an Autumn Day