Farewell to November

I discovered (or decided) this year that November is one of my favorite months. While most of my family prefers September and October with their flares of color and warmth, I prefer the gray transition from autumn to winter. Jo, in one of her moments of brutal honesty the other day, said this difference of … More Farewell to November

The Life-Cycle of a Writer’s Work

I’m not afraid to cut things out or rearrange them until they look nice. However, I do it with the betterment of the book in mind, not out of spite for it. Since before I finished the first draft, I’ve had these changes planned. More, I’m enjoying this stage of bookcraft more than the first draft. I’m relishing it.

Or, I was.

Until I neglected NaNoWriMo for a week to finish reading the final book in a new series I picked up.

Now I hate myself. I hate my work. I’m pretty sure it’s all garbage. … More The Life-Cycle of a Writer’s Work

NaNoWriMo: Week 3

There’s an urban legend among Wrimos that Week 2 is the hardest. You’ve survived a whole week of writing, got through the beginning, and now you have to get down to the story. The glimmer has faded and the nitty-gritty has moved in. Maybe it’s because my story will by no means be finished in … More NaNoWriMo: Week 3

National Novel Writing Month – Outline Version

I’ve learned a lot about myself and my writing in the last few years. Namely, that it is in my best interest and that of the story if I have at least a vague outline including an end goal. I used to never finish books because I wrote by the seat of my pants and every single scene was a surprise. I would get five or six chapters in and be completely lost with no easy way of getting back on any sort of coherent track, and then get frustrated and give up.
This year, I’m prepared. … More National Novel Writing Month – Outline Version