Phoebe Gets the Yips

With less than three months left in the year, I’ve been forced to conclude that my self-imposed challenge of being courageous has been a dismal failure. My life in general feels like failure, really. I’ll allow myself one paragraph of self pity to give you an idea before we move on: I killed my air … More Phoebe Gets the Yips

Farewell to November

I discovered (or decided) this year that November is one of my favorite months. While most of my family prefers September and October with their flares of color and warmth, I prefer the gray transition from autumn to winter. Jo, in one of her moments of brutal honesty the other day, said this difference of … More Farewell to November

The Life-Cycle of a Writer’s Work

I’m not afraid to cut things out or rearrange them until they look nice. However, I do it with the betterment of the book in mind, not out of spite for it. Since before I finished the first draft, I’ve had these changes planned. More, I’m enjoying this stage of bookcraft more than the first draft. I’m relishing it.

Or, I was.

Until I neglected NaNoWriMo for a week to finish reading the final book in a new series I picked up.

Now I hate myself. I hate my work. I’m pretty sure it’s all garbage. … More The Life-Cycle of a Writer’s Work

NaNoWriMo: Week 3

There’s an urban legend among Wrimos that Week 2 is the hardest. You’ve survived a whole week of writing, got through the beginning, and now you have to get down to the story. The glimmer has faded and the nitty-gritty has moved in. Maybe it’s because my story will by no means be finished in … More NaNoWriMo: Week 3