Dramatis Personae

In case you, the reader, have no idea who I’m talking about; or I forget what alias I assigned to a character.

Note: the names of all persons mentioned in this weblog have been changed to protect their identities and that of the author. If you suspect yourself or an associate to be the real-life counterpart of one of the following alter-egos, keep it to yourself. No one likes a know-it-all.

  • Alex – a young man from church, married to Nicole.
  • Andrea – The youth pastor’s wife at my church. Upbeat, outgoing, friendly. Plays volleyball, organizes activities, provides counseling, sings. She does not always approve of the Morryce flavor of humor, but we manage to get along on the whole.
  • Aiden – Chava’s husband and, thus, my brother-in-law; ginger, dog lover, and all-around awesome dude.
  • Arona – not yet properly introduced. A single woman and MK from church.
  • Calliope, AKA “Calli” – My best friend. We don’t make any sense, especially together. She picked her own alias. Works in graphic design and website creation. A polar bear.
  • Calvin – My father, a Jack-of-all-Trades by necessity and a teacher by nature. I’m constantly told (in a suspiciously accusing tone) that I’m just like him. Suspected Hufflepuff.
  • Charlie – A young man in the singles’ group. He sings. He’s also a banker or something.
  • Chava – formerly Nina. The baby of the family. A dreamer. Also into books, art, fanfiction, and geckos. Gets along with almost everyone. Married (weird) to Aiden.
  • Deb – Youth activities director-turned-missionary.
  • Eli – My awesome, problem-solving, technologically-literate big brother. Also, my sometimes arch-rival. Currently away at college.
  • Fay – Calli’s sister and one of my favorites. Into horticulture and botany, singing (really high and on key), and art. Currently at college upstate.
  • Gram – My maternal grandmother, who moved in with us in August of ’15 and passed away about a year later. Living with her was almost like the real-life version of 50 First Dates without the journal and informational videos.
  • Jo – The third-born self-proclaimed pacifist, an acknowledged musician, and a nanny, with a tinge of OCD tendencies.
  • Keith – A man at our church with whom my parents tried to set me up.
  • Matt – The youth pastor at my church. Into basketball, the south, and hair gel. He’s also a great listener (usually) and teacher.
  • Meg – My mother, who can do anything with a little trial and error, elbow grease, and a quick Google search. Also, an artist.
  • Nicole – a young lady in and the spirit animal of the singles’ group. A couple years older than me. She’s rad and, though she loves cuddles, her Love Language is Words of Affirmation, like mine. Married to Alex.
  • Oscar – Both a member of the singles’ group at church and my coworker.
  • Phoebe Ava – The author of the blog. Writer, sesquipedalian, bibliophile, heliophile, hobbyist, dog owner, bookworm, recovering procrastinator. Also, the shortest. Administrative Assistant for a non-profit.
  • Sam – One of Chava’s best friends and practically family; not only because she’s over every week, blends seamlessly with the whirlwind we call life, and no longer asks permission to raid our cabinets and fridge, but also because my dog is in love with her.
  • Sully – One of my coworkers.
  • Valerie – a lady who used to go to our church, who is one of my heroes. She and her family moved down south several years ago but we stay connected with them. Also, her son (5 years my junior) once has a crush on me.

My family has always had animals: birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, cats, and dogs. The current inhabitants of the Morryce Menagerie are: two pups, one Betta fish for me and a fish colony belonging to my father, two cats, a commune of compost worms, and 20-odd chickens.